Introducing for the first time in Inida the most advanced PGDM + Emergenetics Asia's (Singapore)Approved self analysis certification course.                                      100% Placement Guaranty - 15 Placement's Abroad with an average package of Rs.5 Lakhs & rest in India with an average package of Rs. 4 Lakhs each.                                      Branded Laptop to all the Students                                     Compulsory International Internship to UK / Dubai / Singapore at NO EXTRA COST.                                     GD/PI Centers in India : Mumbai , Delhi , Bangalore , Kolkata , Chennai , Hyderabad , Ahmedabad , Pune , Surat , Kanpur , Jaipur , Lucknow , Nagpur , Patna , Indore , Bhopal , Agra , Nashik , Vadodara , Faridabad , Ghaziabad , Rajkot , Meerut , Amritsar , Varanasi , Allahabad , Jabalpur , Srinagar , Ranchi , Visakhapatnam , Chandigarh , Mysore , Howrah , Jodhpur , Guwahati , Coimbatore

Full time course :

The Programme designed in response to the emerging challenges of the global environment will equip the participants with the skills and techniques that will enable them to realise their full potential in their careers.

Course Aims:

  • The course is aimed at those aspiring to high end managerial careers. The programme aims to:
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary for successful strategic leadership performance within the context of dynamic local and global changes.
  • Enhance the ability to resource, analyze and critically appraise all types of business data and practice.
  • Develop flexible strategies for satisfying diverse stakeholder and partner demands, across the whole supply chain and other value –adding systems.
  • Integrate cutting edge strategic leadership research and practice to achieve business transformation.
  • Create a spirit of critical enquiry and an environment that foster continual personal and professional development and lifelong learning.
  • Develop Skills needed for entrepreneurial leadership such as creativity, innovation, collaboration, risk-taking etc.

Benefits to the participants :

Today's organizational environment is one dominated by strategic change. Therefore, it is crucial you are capable of overcoming the strategic and leadership challenges that are presented. The FMS-Pune management programme is rigorous, demanding and career oriented setting high standards of learning. Our experienced staff will present you with stimulating concepts and new thinking that is directly

applicable in your workplace. The result will be tangible, life -changing and enduring.

First Year:

The first year's core curriculum offers you a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. You will be exposed to a new way of thinking about management and business and develop your knowledge, your critical faculties and your practical skills. While increasing employment opportunities, instilling entrepreneurial wisdom, discipline, leadership qualities along with knowledge enhancement are the focus of Faculty of Management-Pune. The first few days will be dedicated to remove fears & anxieties and bridging the gap i.e., preparing students' minds to understand what corporate world is like and what is expected of them. In the next phase, students will develop a better understanding about business concepts and their applications in detail. The Institute will also ensure that students understand each and every business concept, business plan preparations, accounting & reporting, business analysis and execution, entrepreneurship and so on. Students will be engaged in complete personality development programme from professional corporate trainers. Individual will learn basics of communication, public speaking, team building, analytical skills, data and information interpretation. This will be an ongoing process till students complete their programme.

We will impart intensive subject knowledge. Students will be involved in a series of workshops and Guest Lectures. Students will be covering many guest lectures and workshops in Two Years. This will provide ample opportunity to listen to the  experienced corporate Pundits and learn from their vast experience.

A Word of Advice: Only those students who are keen to put in hard and sustained work are welcome to join FMS- Pune.

Second Year :

The Second Year at Faculty of Management Sciences Pune is all about choice. You will be focused on an advanced level of coaching/learning in the selected area of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources with deep sectoral alignment. As per the  advantage and the interest of individual the students can choose which area he or she would like to specialize in. The advanced level of programme has a lot of field assignments, library research action learning, group studies, and Social /NGO / Industry projects. The main focus here will be employability and entrepreneurship aligned towards market- professionalism.

Compulsory International Internship (UK/Dubai/Singapore) for all the students is one such activity. Students are required to do 4 Industrial Projects (2 in Groups and 2 Individually)

1. The Group projects should be one in Industry and another in social organization.

2. Individual project should include summer training of not less than 50 Days duration and internship/pre placement training of not less than 100 Days.