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We plan to hold our training /classes for 365 days in a year .We are also likely to hold periodic examinations from 0800 Hrs. to 2300 Hrs. at least once in a week. We DO NOT believe in the concept of holidays. Because industry does not function on “clock” basis, the Manager is required to function round the clock. It should be noted that we are more of a training establishment than a conventional management institute. Each and every class is critical for continuous learning. Therefore NO request on medical grounds for exemption from attendance will be accepted. A Full- Time course Student should have no work except attending the classes. They can not and should not have any other priority or occupation. It is a costly course, which the parents have paid with a lot of pain and expectation. A good student should therefore attend 100% classes. However assuming that some students may have some genuine problems, a minimum of 80% of attendance is compulsory per semester. Those students who have 80% of attendance are considered as 'Average' students by us and are not fielded for campus placements in the initial phase of our campus placement. The approach here is that these are the weaker lot of our batch as they have not received the full training because of their absence from classes.
Students should maintain 90% attendance and above in the interest of their growth and development. Very Senior Faculty are teaching in our Institute. It must be noted the stress on attendance is directly linked to learning and equipping to become successful managers. Attending classes regularly is in itself a big mind conditioning exercise. This shows students' commitment towards building their corporate career. Therefore, we feel that there is a need to treat and reward different kinds of students with different percentages of attendance differently as under:

a) Those who maintain 95% and above of the attendance will be awarded an attendance incentive marks which shall be 5% per subject per semester. The attendance will be calculated per semester.

b) Only those with 90% and above of attendance for the three consecutive semesters may be allowed to sit for the first 10 Companies. It should be noted that it is not a punitive action; however, it is a way to reward students with high attendance.

c) Those who fail to maintain 80% of attendance in each semester will be placed in a RED LIST which means they may not be allowed to appear in the examination and avail the campus placement facility. No reason, including proven medical certification, will be accepted as the student would have missed the learning /grooming process. This can't be made up if a student remains absent from class beyond permissible limits . Please note that we are a professional Institute and you will be going through professional training without which one can't survive in the industry. It is just not a matter of academics and passing the examinations. It is a matter of acquiring relevant skills, competence, knowledge and attitude required to become a successful manger. It should also be noted that there is a difference between a Full Time regular course and a Distance Learning programme. Students with lesser percentages of attendance cannot be a part of any full time programme.

d) No one, including the Director, is empowered to grant attendance on medical ground or on any other ground, as one who is not physically present or involved in academic activity can't be marked PRESENT in the class as it will be illegal. Only those who are present in the class or involved in academic activity under the directions of the Dean/Director will get attendance. However, any one having any medical problem should promptly avail medical assistance and those who have urgent family commitments can also visit their family. We, as an Institute, cannot restrict the movement of the Students. However, WE DON'T HAVE ANY SYSTEM OF LEAVE


WITH ATTENDANCE ! Now it is up to you where you want to stand. You have the choice to obtain any kind of percentage of attendance and to avail the advantages or disadvantages. Having categorically stated the portion well before your admission we will be unable to entertain any request from you on the matter at a later date. You should, therefore, aim at 100% attendance and not 80% attendance. Please note you do have a choice not to accept the offer of admission. However, this should not disturb you as the permissible limit of absence is 20% in each semester and if one calculates the total days on which one can legitimately be absent from the classes on account of sickness or other contingencies it will be more than 20 days in a year, provided they attend classes regularly from day one. Absenting from classes for casual reasons or due to carelessness cannot be justified at all. Students are, therefore advised to save attendance, as one saves money, so that a certain portion can be spent as and when needed, painlessly on medical ground.